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Greg J. Campbell (CRD: 473299)

Greg J. Campbell was barred from the financial industry on March 14, 2013 for misappropriating over $1.7 million in customer funds.

According to Campbell’s AWC, from May 2008 to October 2011, Greg Campbell converted over $1.35 million from his customer’s accounts for his personal use and made 390,000 unauthorized transfers between customer’s accounts. Apparently, Campbell achieved this by establishing a Loan Management Account (LMA) in a customer’s name which operated as a line of credit though which a customer could obtain loans collateralized by securities held in that customer’s account. The customer’s name Campbell used this for has no idea what was going on and never authorized any of this to happen. Campbell then replaced converted funds by transferring funds between customer’s accounts, without their consent.

In addition to being barred from FINRA, Campbell was discharged from LPL and has had numerous customer complaints filed against him as a result of this egregious conduct. For details on each of these customer complaints and the damages awarded to each customer, visit Campbell’s BrokerCheck Report on FINRA’s website.

Greg Campbell worked for LPL from 2011 to 2012. Before that he worked for Merrill Lynch and A.G. Edwards & Sons.