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Christina Marie Neumeyer (CRD: 4728799)

Christina Marie Neumeyer worked for LPL Financial from March 2008 to June 2009 when she was discharged for copying and pasting a customer’s signature on brokerage account forms.

According to the AWC entered into by Neumeyer, during a routine review of account documents, LPL notified the broker Neumeyer worked for that certain corrections were needed on account documents, including obtaining a customer’s signature for a number of accounts, Instead of contacting the customer, Neumeyer cut and pasted the customer’s signature onto the documents. Upon questioning about the matter, Neumeyer admitted to cutting and pasting 11 different customer signatures on 11 separate documents.

Christina Marie Neumeyer has not worked for a FINRA approved broker-dealer firm since and is not currently employed by one.