Broker Complaints: Dawson James Securities, Inc. (CRD# 130645)

Dawson James has a history of customer and regulatory complaints. Dawson James is a licensed broker-dealer registered with FINRA, or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Dawson James has been a FINRA member firm since 2004.

Complaints against Dawson James are governed by FINRA, or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. As a FINRA member firm, Dawson James must arbitrate all customer complaints before FINRA. Our securities law firm exclusively handles FINRA arbitrations on behalf of investors who were wronged by stockbrokers or brokerage firms. We are investigating complaints against Dawson James and are interested in hearing from aggrieved investors regarding their allegations against the firm.

Dawson James has a number of regulatory events disclosed on its securities license. Below are examples of such conduct:

In April 2014, Dawson James was fined by $75,000 by FINRA for having an inadequate supervisory system. Specifically, the complaint discloses that Dawson James for failed to investigate a number of “red flags” in certain customer accounts. These red flags included high concentrations of securities in customer accounts as well as numerous suspicious transactions. In addition to failing to detect and investigate red flags, the FINRA complaint also alleged that Dawson James failed to enforce its existing written supervisory procedures. Having adequate supervisory procedures in place is vital to any broker dealer as it ensures the well-being of customers and protects against broker misconduct.

In August 2013, Dawson James was fined for complaints related to the buying/selling of bonds to customers at prices that were not fair. In connection with these complaints, FINRA determined that Dawson James Securities failed to use reasonable diligence to determine the best price for these securities, which were sold to its customers. In connection with this activity, Dawson James Securities was fined $12,500.

In addition to these complaints, Dawson James has other publically disclosed regulatory and customer complaints on its securities license. These complaints can be searched by the general public through FINRA’s website.

If you or someone you know lost money investing with Dawson James Securities please contact the securities fraud law firm Fitapelli Kurta today. Our firm will evaluate your complaint against Dawson James Securities for free and will let you know if you have a viable action. Do not delay.