Broker Complaints: Investacorp, Inc. (CRD# 7684)

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Investacorp, Inc. is a Ladenburg Thalman Company owned independent broker-dealer firm registered with both the SEC and FINRA. Investacorp, Inc. was incorporated in Florida in 1978 and its main office is located in Miami, Florida. Ladenburg Thalman Company acquired Investacorp, Inc. in October 2007 and has approximately 440 independent financial advisors nationwide.

Investacorp, Inc. has a history of customer complaints and FINRA violations. According to Investacorp, Inc.’s BrokerCheck Report, Investacorp, Inc. has three regulatory events (usually indicating complaints from customers, or FINRA violations) and has been a party to three arbitrations.

Current Investacorp, Inc. broker, Jerry A. Jacobs has a criminal history and a recent fine from FINRA. According to Jerry A. Jacobs’ BrokerCheck Report, Jerry A. Jacobs was fined 5,000 and suspended from the financial industry for two months on September 12, 2014, for failing to amend his U4 Forms to disclose criminal charges. Those criminal charges, consist of a felony charge on March 3, 2013 for filing a false insurance claim, and another felony charge in June 2009 for aggravated assault with a firearm. Jerry A. Jacobs has been a broker at Investacorp, Inc. since 1998.

In August 2005, a FINRA arbitration panel entered a $1.15 million dollar judgment against Investacorp, Inc. According to the complaint the investor alleged Investacorp, Inc. breached both oral and written contract, violated industry rules, failed to supervise its brokers, and made fraudulent misrepresentations of material facts, stemming from investments in various mutual funds, and variable annuities.

In June 2003, a FINRA arbitration panel entered a $226,000 judgment against Investacorp, Inc. The complaint alleged breach of fiduciary duty, misrepresentation of material facts, omissions of material facts and unsuitable investment recommendations.

In April 2002, a FINRA arbitration panel entered a $22,000 judgment against Investacorp, Inc. The complaint alleged Investacorp, Inc. misrepresented material facts, omitted material facts, made unsuitable investment recommendations, and failed to supervise one of its brokers.

The above-mentioned complaints barely scratch the surface of Investacorp, Inc.’s and Ladenburg Thalman’s FINRA violations and customer complaints.

If you or someone you know has lost money investing with Investacorp, Inc., Ladenburg Thalman, or any of their other brokers, you may be entitled to full recovery of your losses.

The law offers investors who have fallen victim to broker misconduct a path of recovery by way of arbitration through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Time to file a claim with FINRA is limited, so do not delay. Call the attorneys at Fitapelli Kurta today to further discuss the merits of your case. Our consultations are always free.

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As a note to investors, Investacorp Inc. also goes by the following names: ARCHER, ZWIGARD & ASSOCIATES-THE INVESTACORP GROUP, INC.